Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nifty Little Craft

So now that my new kitchen is almost complete, I have to decorate and accessorize (that's really my favourite part).  Hold onto your hats there partners, I'm not showing you pictures of the finished kitchen just yet, that will be on the weekend...hopefully!  This post is all about my "nifty little craft".

Most of my kitchen cabinets are surrounded by a bulkhead, like this...

...but I have one area, which I call the pantry wall, where there is no bulkhead.  This little section of cabinetry will be a great space to bring in a little colour and interest.  

So, on the weekend while my munchkins were doing their crafts, I decided to do a little one of my own.  I tried a couple of different things which just didn't work out, then I came up with this.

Here, I have a $1 wooden frame that I picked up a while back, on sale at Michael's. Then, there is a piece of scrapbook paper, also from a sale at Michael's which I bought just because it intrigued me.  Lastly, I have paint from Benjamin Moore that I got because I had a coupon to get a free sample.  So, all in all, this craft cost me a whopping....wait for it....$1.50!

I didn't take any pictures during the process, but really, it is pretty simple.  You just paint the frame in your chosen colour and let it dry for a few minutes.  After that, cut the scrapbook paper to fit the opening of the frame, I used the cardstock that came in the frame as a template.  I also left the cardstock in the frame behind the scrapbook paper to give it more support.  Lastly, just place it in your space and sit back and enjoy!

I know this isn't the most beautifully framed shot, but I didn't want to give away to much of the final look of the kitchen, you'll just have to come back on the weekend to check it out!


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